Friday, July 30, 2004

Everyone wants to be a Hero

Well you know that everyone deep inside wants to do something different form the rest for which he would be appreciated. There are two kinds of people one who thinks ‘he can’, the other who thinks ‘can he?’ might sound extremely clichéd, but that is the reality.

Now lets work on He Can

Well he is just and ordinary guy with ordinary looks & physique but with a difference. He is one who lives in a constant delusion state that ‘he is here to conquer the world and not just live. He is here to do something different, which might help human kind. He has a will to conquer whatever he finds difficult. He attempts to do the toughest of tasks if he thinks they are tough because nothing in this world is supposed to be tough. ‘ This delusionary state actually helps him do tasks that others can’t because of a line which he has crossed – Let’s call it the             Mental Threshold. He has a very broad perspective when he is doing something, he does not get into the nitty gritties of any issues. He does not think of any task as impossible – leave behind things like getting up very early and exercising in spite of a heavy schedule at work because he is here to take control over his life and body. The above is just a small example in the direction of the discussion and is just to prove that he is far away form this normal day to day difficulties because these don’t even exist in his mind.

The point here is if simple difficulties in daily life bog you down, you can never think big, you will only remain and spend you life in these small issues. These people try and work for the better of the not so fortunate others (i.e. Who have not crossed the mental threshold yet) since in their evergreen delusionary state they don’t see these small things as difficulties at all. The results of their actions which generally gets them no appreciation at all gives them a larger kick, since if you get appreciated often you end up doing everything for that appreciation but if you are different you have to carry on appreciation or not and that feeling of deprivement gives you a higher kick than ever.

Not all of these people become heroes ‘although all of them want to’. There are those who by luck or fate stumble across the right opportunities to grow and reach a level where there actions are felt by more than one. It is there that these find their true purpose and rest ……

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Adulthood is best served after Adolescence.


You finish college and might end up doing another mistake of doing your PG’s. You are now a well-read bachelor searching for the right job.

Step IX

You learn a lot and reach a stage of self-actualization. You are deciding on whether you want a job at all.

Step X

You are there with a good job, married to a good girl with intelligent children earning good money wondering whether this is what you wanted????

Glossary for Adulthood

PG- Post Graduation - Don’t know why and for what reason but it is always good to pursue higher studies if you want to earn higher salaries.

Self Actualization- A stage where you go mad since you differ form the rest of the world’s opinion that a good job with good money is everything and start thinking on why have you come so far and for what reason.

Money- Pieces of paper which are printed by us, but are valued above our lives. They are given a higher stature than the highest. These pieces help us pass our time on earth so that we do not disturb ourselves with questions like “What are all of us doing here, does the purpose of birth mean growing old being successful and again giving birth to make your kids start playing the game of “ I want to earn more paper than you” .

Job- A place where you reach after spending more than half of your life in studies so that you can show others that you can also win the game of life (only in case your job pays well else you know as well is I know-“O What a loser” look.

Successful- A term used for you when you have a lot of paper.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004


This part of the blog is served best after Birth

Step IV

You start growing older and fight the battle of scoring better; you realize you are highly appreciated on your cramming skills. You lose touch in between and everyone looks at you with “O What a loser” kinda looks. You cram harder and try and improve you grades.

Step V

You move through these ups and downs with people looking down upon you or appreciating you just at every change in your grade. You don’t understand why these people forget the times when there were better grades and look at you with disgust.

Step VI

Your parents play a game of hide and seek where they come out with conversations like “ My son tops the class regularly” to “ My son has been ill for all these years right on the date of the exam, you can call it coincidence or destiny but otherwise he is a very intelligent boy”.

Step VII

You somehow learn the ropes and survive playing the study game, get involved and want to cram better, you might also let go of some hobbies on the way and some of the things or professions you like might sound too small for your parents.

Glossary for Adolescence
Forget- A common term, which implies that people suffer form what they call in the medical terms as “Amnesia” where people tend to consider you a loser every instance they can a means to let out their frustration at whatever else they are frustrated about.

Amnesia-loss of memory due usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, or illness / the selective overlooking or ignoring of those events or acts that are not favorable or useful to one's purpose or position)

Intelligence- A condition of the mind which depicts infinite cramming power and gives the parents a chance to play the ‘ My boy is more intelligent than yours’ game and make them the generals of the war where they don’t actually fight but collect all the accolades.

Mind- An infinite reservoir of processing power and memory to perform immeasurable tasks but in today’s world it is used only for achieving good marks during school time and finally getting a good job thereby losing whatever has been learnt and not using it for finding out why we have entered this planet.

Hobby- A process which you enjoy the most and would want to pursue it for your profession but for the sake of your parents image and yours do it in your free time after you are done with studying if there is any.


Thursday, July 22, 2004


Step I
 You enter a new 3 dimensional space, which you don’t know anything about. Your eyes open to see your parents happy with entering into their lives.
Step II
 You grow older and are forced to join school so that you can top in class.    All your abilities are judged on the basis of the marks you score in your studies irrespective of your capabilities in other fields such as sports or painting etc. other interests.
Step III -  
You try and work hard to learn what the teacher delivers in class to avoid scolding/thrashing
   Glossary for Birth
Parents – Older human species who along with happiness of a new life are tense with the fact whether their child will be good in studies and get a good job or not .All you know is there are two constant faces hovering around you making silly noises for your amusement only initially. They hold full rights to you as their own personal property and can handle you in whichever way they want. These human beings will later on set expectations for you, which you will spend half your life to achieve.
School - A large compound enclosing a lot of small enclosures called classes, inhabited generally during the day by human species where each enclosure is demarcated with the age of the student.
Age – The time the human being has lived since they entered this planet.
Class – An enclosure in which other humans of the same age are kept and they are as confused about the whole system as you are.
Top- A process in which you show your cramming abilities as compared to the rest of the class.
Marks- In school your cramming abilities are judged and classified in terms of good and bad through marks. It depicts what level of a crammer you are.
Scolding- A process in which the Teacher/ Parent talks to you in a very loud voice along with demonstrating inhuman facial depictions.

Thrashing- A process in which the Teacher/Parent uses any object available at that point in time such as scale/slipper/hand to touch the students epidermis with high speed so as to create a stimuli which results in water out of the eyes or hate for the reason or for the person involved in the act.